I have been playing my guitar and singing most of my life, as either a soloist or as the front man in a band. I knew at a very early age that I could play any instrument and that I could pretty much play any song after only hearing it once. I feel blessed with this gift of being so musically inclined. I always knew I could sing. I can remember listening over and over to Fats Domino's "My Blue Heaven" on my mom's record player when I was two or three years old in New Jersey. That particular song had a great impact on my life. The way I felt hearing that song made me want to give that feeling to others. I dedicated my life to that goal. I grew up making music whenever and wherever I could with whatever instrument was at hand. I started writing songs.

When I heard The Beatles, I was in the 8th grade. I knew instantly how good they were and immediately started playing their songs. I love The Beatles and could always imitate them.

I continued writing songs and putting bands together and performing regularly through out my high school years. I attended college on Maui, Hawaii for two years and moved back to the New Jersey. Moved to Florida, where I met my wife Mary and then to California, where our three children were born. In Los Angeles I had the distinct honor of playing at the first Beatlefest with my first Beatles band, Blue Jay Way. Then came Beatlemania and Beatlefever, where I portrayed Paul McCartney for several years touring extensively, culminating with performances in the main showrooms in Las Vegas. I felt that I was compromising my own creativity. I threatened to quit many times but the money and attention was too great.

I wrote and recorded my own songs when I could find the time. One single (45) on Gibraltar Records "Alone With You" got international airplay and has been playing in Japan, France, Germany, Russia and other countries. 

While on the road, I missed my wife and children. Finally, after turning down a trip to Japan and New Zealand, we moved to New Jersey and then to Ohio to be closer to family, raising our children. 

I write and record my own songs in my home studio and perform regularly as a soloist or with my band.


"I didn't choose music, music chose me!" (Joe Stone)